WoW Vision Book 2018/2019 

Don't let anyone take your dreams!. . . . .  You can create & live your dream! 

Create  your  own vision book , your dreams and desires and then see them materialise  applying the law of attraction, affirmations and visualisation principles.

Everything you ever wished for your aspirations to be reborn and to live again you  can place in your own beauthiful album.  

Followng our  '11 secrets to Your Intuition' talk and workshops Change your life in 30 Days  applying the  'The Law of Atrraction' - 'Here is the Secret' we have seen manifestations  of beautiful dreams from those attending and we want to share  this amazing book and tool with you too!     

Glenda Andrew aka Lady G created the  #WoWVisionBook.  

She was inspired that a visionboard is great for a few things yet longtime we have big desires and why limit ourselves. Plus this more fun.  No longer your visionboard or scrap book, and hiding it in the attic or under the bed.  A #WoWVisionBook has much more in it! 

We have shared some of the pages below of #Visionbooks already created. . . 

Now you can have a gorgeous array of your pictures and your writings in a large album, sharing with friends and family.  You can even take your  #wowvisionbook  to work with you.  

Would like to create your own #vision book?

      Join our  classes  and we show you how!

We provide all you need all you have to do is show up with a few magazines and pictures whatever you like to begin  creating your #visionbook masterpiece.

And then, you can share with us as we know dreams can and DO come TRUE! 

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We have all heard of vision boards thanks to the movie 'The Secret' changed many people’s lives and gave us great tools like the affirmations and vision boards.

Since then we have personally created many vision boards and until a few months ago while running our network group Glenda was inspired and thought "how about a book of visual inspirations" which she called #WoWVisionBooks

Since then it has grown popular in demand and research shows vision boards help us to focus on our goals and dreams, where a vision books help us keep our visions more alive and in the open. Not hidden away for not even us to see after a while.

Everyone can have a vision book. Young to mature years.

if this is of interest and you like to create your #wowvisionbook register below with subscribe form and come along to a 3 session class.

The vision book has become a valuable tool of our women’s network and now we like to share this with you too.

*Price £120

*We provide all you require

*All welcome (including men)

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