WoW ‘Women of Change Network


Welcome, to  WoW Women of Change Network  - Canada 

Where are you in Canada and how would you like to visit our nights out where you are? 

WoW is a great network where like minded women reach out to all women regardless, we are here to open the door to you,  to support , inspire and empower you, so that you  "FEEL TUNED IN, TAPPED IN AND TURNED ON so that you sparkle to who you are."

Are you stuck, challenged maybe you don't know who you are and like some direction? That is why your here? Or your challenged in life and are seeking a way out, a path or just want to meet new friends.

Whatever the reason your here, it is great that you are and we are glad you found us.

We ask everyone to subscribe, sign up and become a member of WoW Women.

Our vision is to reach one million women  who will benefit from a network like ours.

WWCHNC  stands for WoW  'Women of Change' Holistic Network Canada we are a membership network and we encourage everyone to sign up and become part of this movement.  

We come together at a local venue and listen to inspiring speakers.

Sample the holistic services and products brought for you all under one roof.

Our events you feel revitalised, happier and motivated in areas you probably did not think about.

We meet regularly to support each other on a personal and spiritual level what Lady G founder of WoW calls 'Holistic Living'. Our events are in a safe and fun environment for you to be who you are.

at a high energy, fun events with inspirational speakers and holistic exhibitors  & therapists all for you.

Tickets available soon

(picture below)   Becki Walker is a WoW Member UK,  speaking for the first time, at the WoW Women of Change Network Launch in Blackpool Lancashire UK 



It is November 2016, we will be having our first WoW Conference till then WoW network groups are setting up all over Canada. 

Please add your details and a WoW host will contact you.

Everyone is invited, this will be a spectacular night, so have your glitz on.

Our BIG Launch is in VICTORIA, SOOKE & SIDNEY 'The capital of British Columbia  Victoria' is a beautiful place, while speaking regular with Margot Perera, who is passionate about WoW and what we are doing here in the UK is sharing with many  women in Victoria.

The venues (to be added) soon. 

Margot Perera (pictured below is our coordinator for Canada) and is organising the events and members can sign up or contact her too.

If you like to get in touch with Margot or WoW ‘Women of Change’ Holistic Network - Canada  about anything you can send us an email here with your enquiry too.

We look forward to meeting and greeting you. 


Lady G xx

Owner and founder of WoW ‘Women of Change’ Holistic Network - Canada

Our  “Mission Statement” 

“We share as collective and as an individual our highest of intentions of the greater good of each other, the community and the WORLD.

Co Creating the new paradigm that best supports all women, all humanity, all forms of life and our planet. We let go of the past and happy for today. Living in the moment is our desire and to fulfill our calling to be that which we are unique spiritual human beings.

We together creating a safe and fun environment and methodology which will support each other personally and spiritually for our families, our businesses’, creating new foundations for us all to thrive, grow, expand beyond our highest potential that we have not yet seen or experienced - Together lets co create this vision and bring it in to reality – Together – NOW- WoW! ” by Lady G 

If you like to be WoW Women of change Host or Coordinator you can send your details  here.