Lady G Life has created this awesome library of some of the best videos that has enhanced many lives including hers too.
From the Great Wayne Dyer to Lady G and her good  friend and Spiritual Advisor Kelly Marie to Neale Donald Walsch and many many others.
These tools and videos are recommended viewing for your personal and spiritual growth. 
Mediation classes on-line are available   (Via Skype, Zoom, Google+)  and  offline are on the events page.  
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Law of Attraction, Teachings of Abraham Hicks, Conversations with God,  Matt Kahn, Joe  Vitale, Louise L Hay, Tony Robbins and many others  Modalities eg EFT, Ho Oponopono, The Sedona Method
Please enjoy! Blessings

Topright. . .
Just outside the small town of Abadiania, Brazil, one of the most unusual people in the world is about to see a group of strangers dressed in white. He is known to westerners as John of God. They call him a spiritual medium, trance surgeon, healer and miracle worker. What he does and how he does it defies conventional logic.


Right.... Conversations With God Book 1 (Abridged) - Neale Donald Walsch
Neal Donald Walsch was experiencing a low period in his life when he decided to write a letter to God, venting his frustrations. What he did not expect was a response. As he finished his letter, he was moved to continue writing - and out came extraordinary answers to his questions. This work presents the answers that Walsch received, helping him to change himself, his life and the way he viewed other beings.

Ho'oponopono cleaning meditations

Since my true journey began years ago this is a special youtube of Ho Oponopono that I listened everyday.  

It was the best and clearing those limited, old beliefs I no longer had use for in life.

I was and I am to live my loving and happier in all I do.  Please enjoy an share.

If you want to know more about Ho Oponopono email us for details.  


Lady G and Kelly Marie Hangout

Lady G and Kelly Marie "Hangout"  

 Streamed live on Google Hangout 13 Aug 2015

 Lady G and Kelly Marie, deep talking, soul to soul.

Streamed live on 12 Aug 2015

Who knows what will come up, we will add details later! 

This is our 3rd talk on "Hangout! and we have recieved amazing feedback! 

Kelly Marie is a Healer and Lady G is a inspirational Speaker and Facilitator for WoW  Women of Change Network. 

Today talking about fear and unconditional love and much more came up. 

Please leave your questions/comments below too.  We will get back to you.

Unconditional Love