Sponsor A 'WoW' Woman? With A WoWTicket!

Welcome to our 'Sponsors  page' for   WoW Women of Change - Holistic Network UK & International Sponsor a 'WoW' Woman?  A WoWTicket!

As a new SME network LAdy G Life aim wirh sponsors and partners help is to reach 10,000 women in Lancashire 2016/17. Worldwide including Europe US and Canada. Continuing to the outer regions of the UK by 2020.  We are reaching out to companies, businesses, organisations and individuals that like to sponsor,  by helping with their support and contribution by purchasing a WoWTickets for a WoW Women.


Our networks vision is to reach all women regardless and inspire and empower them to live better lives at home, at work and in the community. 

Regardless of where they are  and that like me, they can change aspects of their  lives.

We are  asking if you can sponsor us to support our network and enable us to empower, inspire more women to attend our WoW events  and our workshops by giving them a free ticket sponsored by you and  come along to meet new friends, and do they are  not feel alone.  We like to give them  HOPE that someone ,   WE and YOU cares.  

When they come  to a WoW event they hear inspiring WoW members, speakers  share their stories and  try all the holistic therapies, lifestyle items. Books, clothing and much more...

A (Sponsor) receives: Advertising and promoting of your business to a following of  12,000+ on social media Speak at a WoW event Your logo on our website, tickets, social media. Your brand of products and services advert s included on our promotional material i.e (WoW Information packs LGLNews  and membership packs)  and leaflets.

The opportunity to offer employment, teach, mentor, coach and support our women that join WoW network.

Below are  examples of how our sponsor program works and what we  offer.


For example 7 tickets @ £15 = £100 10 tickets = £140

20 tickets = £290

50 tickets = £700

100 tickets = £1,300  

You can purchase more tickets and more details available upon request.

The more tickets you purchase,  the more women you help.

We are asking  you to helpus,  help these  women here in Preston, Lancshire and wherever you are. Ireland, Scotland. US, Canada and Europe.

That lady, She could be a wife a partner, a girlfriend.  A young mum, single mum. What about a employee, a new start up in business. Someone who like to build their  own self-confidence. Maybe has  a challenging situation, and so on.

Our WoW Tickets Projects is for a WoW Woman for example, £1000 this enables us to invite for free   ninety women to come along to the WoW  BreakFeast Mornings  or  ninety plus  women  to come along to the WoW workshops or night  events.  

So, why not sponsor a WoW Woman near you. . .

BUY YOUR  WoWTickets here 

or for more detail fill in the form below. . .

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