Power to Question by Lady G & MagicalMirror

Power to Question is a very unique book that Glenda Andrew aka Lady G and her best friend and International Best Selling Author MagicalMirror transcribed into this paperback.

Discover the wonderful Power of Questions that is within you!

What is the Power???

The Power is revealed to anyone that seeks, that reads this powerful, inspiring and transformational book.

It is an exceptional blending of questions, stories and analogies.

It's about two different women's perception of life and life to share with the world. It is these different upbringings and experiences of lives that have written this book.

Sharing insights about why we are here, about the body, mind and spirit, the Law of Attraction, Animal Communication, the beliefs that we hold and why our emotions are connected to what we desire.

With every page you turn, witness the magic that will unfold in your life by reading this book.

The power is in you.  The answer is in you.  And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal.  You are the answer.  It's never outside.   by Eckhart Tolle

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Thank you & Blessings 

Lady G and MagicalMirror 


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