“Lady G Life enterprise with several subsidiaries, collaborations, [artnerships   and as a spiritual visionary we provide, manage and support in creating seminars, events and workshops.

Your events can be created to your requirements.

We have events that want partners and collaborations to work together in bringing projects for organisations or the community.

Hosting many of these events as an example is a  womens network,  wow Women of change and manslife UK (lanching soon). Our events  serve  you on your journey of personal and spiritual growth.  Some of  the  benefits is the you  become  more confident, more aligned and aware of  your personal  & spiritual-wellbeing, the holistic approach. 

How do we do this?

We do this through online and offline events.”

Some of the classes and workshops  available;     Abundance and money, Law of attraction, Change your life, 11 secret to your intuition,  mindfulness, relaxation workshops, classes and much much more.

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You can even sponsor a event for individuals or your business, school or organisation.

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Empowering your organisation to be mindfull, intuned with themselves and who they are. Why not contact us regarding a event you like us to provide for you. Whether you require a host,  facilitator, speaker and much more let us make it EASY, SIMPLE  for you. 

We  provide the host,  speaker as a large network of products and services.  Hosting, creating, planning developing your event wherever you are here in the UK and abroad. 

All you have to do is: Fill out the Contact and  we will contact you.

Below are some the events in collaboration with Lady G Life enterprises  happening in the forthcoming months...

By Invitation  - Healing Hands UK - Click here for details  Facebook 

WoW Book club - Click here for details  Facebook