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Quote 28th May 2016   What one seeks is inside or outside of yourselves. Lady G

Who am I - Lady G - My bio
The Beginning. . . My name is Glenda Andrew also known to my family and friends as Lady G, I live and spend much of my time in the UK. A wonderful city called Preston, with my lovely children. Angela is 17, and a firecracker! Alex is 16 and very independent! Ben is 30 and I couldn’t be more proud of him! My children and I are very close, as all families should be! I’d say we have lived a life of great diversity and colorful personalities! Love is what matters, and we have plenty to share with each other!
I have raised them to be very indepent. To know their own minds! They are great at taking responsibility! Being accountable! I learn lessons from my three children every single day! I know at the end of the day my children have their own paths and they KNOW it! Revel in it! I know that no matter what befalls us, they will be okay with or without my influence, and isn’t that what truly matters? I think so.
I am a mom first and foremost. I have been divorced and we get on well as friends. I have a loving relationship with a wonderful man. I strive to help others make their lives the best version that they can possibly imagine! To find their own power, as I have! Challenges have been a part of this journey, but that’s what makes life colourful, isn’t it? I have come to know who I AM through this, and I wouldn’t change anything. I have come to realize that the best part of this journey is being of service to others, the gratitude and the appreciation for everything. For how far I have come!
For the past 20 years I have been travelling and living between London and beautiful Italy! I have now lived in Lancashire for 8 years. I have been and continue on a divine path of Personal and Spiritual Growth. Awareness has been key to the realization that I am responsible for all that has and will ever occur in my life!
I have lived through what many would call negative experiences, living with prostitution world, losing my home on more than one occasion, divorce and separation, living in a refuge, family quarrels and religion, grief, the life of a single mom, discrimination, adversity.. so much more. Been there, done that! I was there and saw many things, but I decided not to LIVE there. Not to STAY there. I found my power!
I have lived through what many would call negative experiences.
We all have. It was about 8 years ago that everything began to shift inside of me. I wasn’t aware at the time that it was a spiritual and emotional shift in my being as a whole. 8 years ago is when my journey really began, my journey of unravelling who and what I truly am! Finding the power I had forgotten was hidden deep within me!
Like many others, I felt I was a victim of circumstance. It was their fault, not mine! I was forever shifting blame onto anyone or anything but myself! At this time I was staying in beautiful Italy. Upon returning; I had lost my job – My income source, my way of paying for the things I wanted! I’d also lost my home! But that didn’t stop me. I returned to North England, which was my original starting point. My home. I then pursued a life where I could create a stable environment for my children. I wanted to know that they were taken care of in the ways that mattered! A home to always come to. I ended up losing that home as well, and now we live in yet another residence. I am starting again, but from an even better place than the last one we left! This journey is ever changing, ever transitioning for the better! I enjoy it, immensely! But that is what this journey is about! Enjoying oneself!
I had always wondered, why am I here? What is my purpose? And now I know! I know what I am here for. I know what my purpose is and it shines like a beacon for all to see!
Previously before I got to this point, I prayed and asked “Tell me because if there is no purpose, there is no point.” So of course I have come long way to where I am now, and I have much to say! A message to deliver! Many messages!
My children help to motivate me, but the strongest motivator I have is me, myself, and I! My spirit's purpose, MY purpose is to help others to see in themselves what I have found in myself! To rediscover who we all truly are! To unravel, unfold, and release ourselves to be the best version of us that we can be! To shine a light on the entire world and never stop!
My journey has taken me to discovering books that would are SO engaging for my SOUL! I read authors such as Bob Proctor, Hale Dwoskin, Tony Robbins and the great Oprah Winfrey. Talent by far they resonated with me on a level I at first did not know it bring me to where I am today. I have read many books, the first was the Key, by Joe Vitale. “Conversations with God”. The Secret, a great movie. Also, The Law of Attraction.
My friends Joanne, Diane Karen, Marlene so many to mention of over 35 years and more has supported and encouraged me to continue when I returned to Lancashire. We read and discussed many books together. Although, I asked for more guidance from somewhere else. In my mind there had to be a higher level of consciousness than what I was receiving guidance from at that time. I absolutely love learning from the great authors and speakers such as Neale Donald Walsch and Joe Vitale! As I was listening and so inspired by these two famous Authors, I met a wonderful lady named Barbara. She also loves these very same two authors that have lead countless others to their own empowerment!
In my endeavour and with guidance from God, Universe, and authors I came to understand that I have had to question my core beliefs and ask the question… “Who AM I, really?”
The night I realized there was more than I was seeing or even feeling was the night I came together with Barbara Kurtman. A wonderful lady I met online and superseded with a wealth of knowledge and expertise! Some may say I found a Buddh, some will say an ordinary woman. Our lives are similar yet similar in other ways.
Barbara, I call her an angel because I believe God sent her to me. We wrote Power to Question in one night, inspired and empowered! We were stating these questions to one another, I then said Barbara, “this is a book.” How amazing the questions made us feel! We have been having so much fun ever since! The online medium where I met Barbara was Facebook. From that point, I knew that I wanted to meet and be with like-minded people! People like myself who want to create something better for themselves!
People like like myself and who want to create something better for themselves.
Barbara has and continues to help me grow as many other great authors and teachers do. Such as; Neale Donald Walsh, Joe Vitale, Louise L Hay, Antony Robbins, Moojii and many, many more. Barbara, as a Personal Development & Spiritual Trainer specialises in EFT, Meditation & enhancing one’s intuitive abilities. She has inspired and motivated me to a great barrage of questions and I, Glenda ensued.
I love the personal and spiritual growth; I have learned so much in my 53 years, but the last 18 months I continue to learn moment to moment. I have become so much more aware of who I AM! While also having fun and learning. I am always learning! We never stop learning! Creating! I am steadily on my way to reaching my highest potential! I have such an awareness and intuitive insight! I am creating a better life for myself, my family and many others!
Next to come, and very soon, began a new chapter….
If you like me to help you, and show you how I changed my life and how you can change your life too! No matter where you are and no matter where you have been. all have to want is take the first step! Go here: Take the 1st Step

Who You Are!

We are the intuition, spirit, soul, and passion, a love to help, support and inspire others plus many many things.

You also sense and know life as we know it is changing! I believe we have to move along with the energy that is flowing inside of us and around us so know who we are. Or we get left behind, stuck in an alternate paradigm.

So who are you?Do you know?

Love, unconditional. 

You say I don't feel it, don't get it!

When you get it, feel it , know it. 

Your tuned in tapped in and turned on. That's when you know who you are! 

Lady G - March 2016

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