I am so glad you came to this page.   Wherever you are in your life, thank you and thank yourself for taking the time to see why and how you can have more abundance. Is there something stopping the flow?  What is it?

That is why I put this brand new workshop together. I have been struggling with this for most of my life and what I am beginning to see is that  Abundance is here and for evryone and I like to share with you how you can have, more in your life.

Why not join me on this new and exciting adventure to find out how you and I together can have more Abundance! Are you in the UK, United States,Canada, Europe, France or Italy, I speak Italian :) :)  :) Wherever you are Join us and find more abundance in your life! What a journey your about to take!

Join me, it will be fun, it will be exciting, it will be delicious and  amazing!

The dictionary defines Abundance as "plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity" so what is abundance to you?

Do you want a new job, or are sick of not having the cash especially as the festive season is approaching? Do want to have a family holiday?   Whatever the reason join me on the 16th of November 2015 @ 9:00pm UK time via Skype to begin.

You see a lot of people are talking about the ‘Law of Attraction, the Secret’  and many other modalities  I have  the fortunate to know what is the secret and have decided to share and show you what has worked for me and it can for YOU.

This is the best you will get.  Authentic and True.  I am also at the end of the phone, if you want someone to talk too. Or we can schedule extra sessions via skype.

I have the resources, the contacts to help you too! 

Let’s change and see our world with more abundance for each other, together the benefits for our relationships, our health and our businesses and so much more.

This is the best online workshop to raise your vibration and ABUNDANCE MAGNETS now!

How would you like to have more money, good health, more fun in life? Learn how to allow the Universe and bring to you that which you truly desire easily. . .

For the next 12 weeks up until after Christmas and in t the New Year, Glenda Andrew aka Lady G shares with you how she manifested and became a new business owner, came off the anti-depressants almost years ago, came from an abusive relation and ended up in a refuge to a happy loving woman knowing exactly who she is using the Abundance Factor!

What is the Abundance Factor? Using her PAST Therapy Program. Sign up and you will find out and see the delightful manifestations of abundance in your life.

Feel 'Tuned in, be tapped in and turned on' with vitality and empowered to live using the Universal Laws. Law of Attraction!

Receive the  Tools and Tips daily!

Feel richer, healthier and happier! Have more fun like I do in the NEXT 12 WEEKS!

Glenda will link with you every week via Skype.

What do you have to do?  REGISTER!

 Our price is  £120  for the full workshop, yes (WoW, Can you believe it works out at only  £10 a week/sessions) 

There is a Payment plan for those that like easier terms. For more details again contact Glenda Andrew.

So, are you ready to Soar into what you truly DESERVE a better LIFE

Begin NOW!

Sign up Claim your seat at the ABUNDANCE FACTOR WORKSHOP - VIA SKYPE

                                            THE ABUNDANCE FACTOR IS  IN YOU! 

Call us on 01772496535 or mobile 07580690938

Lots of love to you all x

                                           Many Blessings

Lady G 


I let go of the past and I am happy for today. Lady G

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