About WOW Women of Change Network

Since 2014 WoW women have been meeting in various locations in Preston, Burnley, Blackpool (Lancashire) United Kingdom online and offline. Launching in 2017 in Canada delivering a range of special topical workshops, talks Breakfast mornings and Book Clubs meetups.

What is WoW Women of change about. . .  inspiring, empowering, sharing, connecting, referring, educating, loving  and supporting all Women Regardless. It is a place for all women to come along and meet other women? Safely and in a soloution based environment offering personal and spiritual tools and the  resources that assist you in reveloutionary ways to help on your lifes journey.

Online and offline! We can bring WoW anywhere, wherever you are too!

 Our vision is to help, support  by 2020 , 1 MILLION  WOMEN  and our message

"You can change your life,  be tuned in, tapped in and turned on to who want to be."

Why do the women come?  Women come for many reasons. 

To learn, to grow, to meet new friends. 

Many come searching for that 'special something' unaware of what they are looking for. Some to be free! Some women like to escape from a life they no longer want. It can be a abusive relationship, starting a new life and at WoW we can be a way for direction! We are here and we can help! 

WoW Wome of Change empowers and inspires all the women to become members, to subscribe, be involved and take an active role in our family network. It is their network their group.  Share their gifts, their stories. To gain an innovative insight to understanding who they are, or why their lives are the way it is and can change it.  Also be the best that is their innert calling.

Instead of being in front of the TV or locked in a false sense of security and much drama. 

Many people especially women (men are not excluded) have an inert calling to seek something that at the time they cannot put their finger on it. Call it intuition a nudge.  They have a deep sense that life has to be better than what they are receving and that something has to happen, something has to change and what they don’t realise is it is often THEMSELVES! 

At WoW you women find comfort her. ease and the soloutions.

Do you know someone that that this is happening too? If that is YOU, you belong at WoW!

At a WoW night or Workshop “Feel inspired and empowered to live another day, another week another month and so on! Until you have the confidence, the understanding and knowledge to live life better, happier and with fun to change and know who you are!

At our WoW events we do our best to share all aspects of healing therapies that I (Lady G and members, guest speakers, practitioners and   visitors) have used or practiced.

We have the women who have many gifts, talents, and hobbies or part time business like Suki55 Design, Crystal Healing Bed, Reiki, ForeverLiving, and many more bring to the events thus empowering others to pursue their dreams too!  The WoW women have said they would like to do more and that is why Lady G Life is reaching out for funding and sponsors to help more women too!    Breakfast mornings, By Invitation only or  #WoWBookClub

Wow Women of Change Holistic Network & International supports and empowers women regardless. It is a personal and spiritual platform to meet and connect with like-minded women. Make new friends.  .

 it can be hard to put in words the feeling here tonight, you have to actually be at our events to feel and know what we are talking about, because believe me it is amazing. It's an experience!"  Member of WoW

 Inspiring women to their own empowerment thus being tuned in, tapped in, and turned on!Diversity and education is essential we believe to grow.


The message Lady G wants to convey is the opportunity for everyone "is to shine their unique, beautiful, wondrous light through their lives and not to hide it under a bushel like the song says! To be the ‘Essence of Awesome without causing hurt to another and to shine!’

This network is for women to come and get involved together. Share their stories to inspire and empower other women! You see, we all have the inner spirit, source, consciousness God in us! Everyone, everything!  Many of us are out of alignment, aren’t in tuned. Or as one of her teachers would say, Out of whack.So we like our WoW ladies to share their stories, many have gained much confidence and realised also they empower others too.

We welcome every one ages vary from 15 years old to over 65 years we want to reach everyone, we don’t anyone to be alone we want women to know that they do not have to be alone.

See you at a WoW Event online or offline soon wherever you are!

Thank you for reading!




Lady G (Glenda Andrew)

April 2016


More Information

At a WoW Women of change night we give you the best of inspirational talks. The best transformational therapies.

Inspiring speaker Lady G shares with you talks that motivate and give you first hand from her life pf adversity. New tools that retune your mind body spirit and letting go of limited beliefs. She brings to these events with women like you the tools assist you so that you too can heal your life and be happy! 

You can get your Jewelry, handbags to shoes to your best beauty products and so much more all in one night of high vibrational energy that you take with you when you leave.

You do not want to MISS a WoW NIGHT!

Get your ticket here or pay on the door!

7.30pm every Month in Preston Burnley and Blackpool (Details of all our events here

Coming to Huddersfield, Sheffield, London, Nottingham and many more.

(If you like to get involved or like to exhibit what you do, contact Glenda Andrew aka Lady G or any of the Event Hosts by email. 



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