Perhaps the question that is most often asked by people is  or  "Why is my life like this? or "I do not want to go on with life anymore!""Why am I here? or Who am I? or What is my purpose? You see, we ask questions all the time.

Because of these questions Glenda began to search oto questions like these.  In finding some of the answers, and who she is her life changed immediately. She created Lady G Life.  As a Personal and Spiritual Teacher, International Best-Selling Author and a Life Purpose Coach in personal and spiritual Growth.

Lady G Life helps and supports your personal and spiritual growth.

So that you feel, tuned in, tapped in and turned on!

What is Lady G Life about? 

Remembering who you are an what you can achieve.

Lady G Life is about you discovering who you are and why you are here?

We hope that we are the answer you have been seeking and point of rescue.

You have been asking the questions, and you feel NO ONE GETS YOU!

Lady G Life is about helping you, understand what its all about! 

She, Glenda Andrew aka Lady G (Lady G Life) I know its a mouth full. wants you to have the support, the people. like minded and like you to connect with.