Perhaps the question that is most often asked by people is "Why am I here? or Who am I? or What is my purpose? You see, we ask questions all the time.

Because of these questions Glenda began a search in finding out who she is and came to create Lady G Life.  Her personal and spiritual teacher and friend in a new network of experiential learning, making friends and becoming a speaker, a writer and coach on personal and spiritual Growth.

What is Lady G Life about? 

It’s a unique place where you can find everything you want, personal and the spiritual tools, resources that inspire and empower you to lead a happier and purposeful life. Lady G Life is about showing you have to have personal and spiritual congruence in all that you do and be.

We like you to come to feel, understand that there is a great power inside of you we call your essence, your spirit. It is love, it is beauty and much more is inside of you, guiding you leading you to the greater being of you. It is change and change is good.   

Since 1963, Glenda Andrew aka Lady G had been asking questions, we all do. Then she came across the secret that changed her life and she NOW is guided to share what she has learned and experienced with you. 

Once you know this Secret, and when you realize, you have had it with you all along. Your life will NOT be the same. You cannot go back.

 BUT if you don’t change it . . .  Who will? 

"Take the 1st step" 

 It tends to be a calling that people come to Lady G Life Enterprises or any of the products, the resources, the services and the tools here presented.  Lady G recieved a calling,  her purpose and that is how Lady G Life began and she want to give, share with everyone  like you. 

Why? So that they can be happy and fulfilled in their lives too.  So without judgement or looked upon crazy thaey have somewhere to go, ask question. Be directed and learn, find for themselves their truth. and then they, YOU reading can change their or YOUR  life. 

That everyone who wants to know about life’s meaning and has a spiritual essence within them. That we are all connected. That life can be and is amazing, that we are all beautiful spiritual beings living in this unique human body.  Just some people don't know it yet.  With all of this Love and happiness goes out to the universe.

Lady G says “I also want to give, share what I blessed with, have been given, experience in my daily  life.  Lady G life only shares what they know and have/has experience. . .  The resources, the tools and the support I have and had,  I can share and connect with others too. So that you can experience the great changes and be what you want to be.  I love people and when they smile I feel good."  Each and every coach, mentor or therapists connected here too Lady G Life knows the value and the benefits to you.

Lady G Life Enterprises is also owner, hosts of MansLifeUK and  WoW Women of Change Network  two projects that brings men and women together inspiring and empowering each other and culminating a wide selection of  holistic events, seminars, and workshops providing an exciting night with inspirational, motivational speakers , with leading edge topics for life and a selection of  the leading edge therapies for our ladies to sample and experience the value from these methods.     Click here 

Through the process of vibrational transformational evenings, helps you step out of your life to improve yourself and connect you with the tools to take away and practice at home or meet up with a practitioner or therapist of your choosing.

Lady G Life offers self-help and coaching with counselors and mentors from the Lady G Life Enterprise Network.  

As a leading network with over 7,000 followers Lady G has built up a extensive array of people contacts from transformational coach's,  authors,  therapists to DJ's , to business advisors, accountants, hairdressers to those  who are in receipt of benefit.

Lady G Talks - find out where Glenda is speaking, or if you like her to speak at one of your events.

Later and  speaking with many women and professionals she created and founded PAST, an alternative  therapy incorporating EFT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and more  to change  beliefs, emotions and the like. 

PAST stands for (Personal and Spiritual Tuning) like to know more Click here

Lady G Life stands for so much and knowing who she is you find out who you are. 

You're  a GREAT, True and Beautiful Being an Essence, a Breath of Wonder  - When your tuned in tapped in and turned on!

Like to know more give us a call or send us an Email 

There are many a lives blessed by a kind word! Lady G