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Oneness is an inner knowing embracing inward adoption of an outward reality. 

Listening to Neale Donald Walsch,  in  an interview he said something amazing I had to write it down.  “Happiness is divine awareness.

When we understand who we are the aspects of who we are we go beyond happiness. Pure expression of the divine.” Is that amazing.  July 2016

After returning from Prestatyn Soul weekender. My voice seemed like it was leaving me for a while.
This yearly event is a crossroad for opportunity and possibilities. I meet friends of old and connect with new friends too.

Laughter,  soul, my soul with a soul weekend expressing who we are! Soul sisters, soul brothers all one connected.


By Lady G (18th Feb 2016)

Yes many people are trapped in their jobs, at work or in a relationship. There are so many ways to feel. STUCK>

What about you? Do you feel trapped in a relationship you can’t leave? Well I know how that feels. A few years ago I was there. Yes Feeling Trapped and I thought, believed that I had no way out. I know now that my state of being had much to do with it too. You see “feeling trapped is a state of mind.”

What about trapped by money?  Yes Money! Feeling that because of the income you receive you feel you cannot leave a situation, as you think that you’re losing something.  This is especially when your partner is the main income.  Or you’re on benefits, welfare and have a desire for change or want to get a job but cannot move from the state supporting you to you supporting yourself.

And since working with many women I have noted and experienced myself these situations and it is the most common area of her life that she feels unable to deal with these situations of trapped, fixed, and stuck.   

Did you know that when you start a relationship and this can be a job or a personal relationship you can know whether it will last within three months?  Yes you can.  However what many of us do is dismiss the nudge, the intuition.

Ask yourself. When you first met your partner, how long before you knew uhm something is not good here. Or you wanted to get out of the relationship?  Be honest with yourself. 

Maybe the thought came, you left and things changed.  Well I did within a couple of years, but some women stay a long time. And if you’re in a job you don’t like you can stay seeming like forever.

What I am wanting to share here is that you can change the reality of your life and gain freedom by listening to your intuition.

When I met an old boyfriend, at first it was great.  I thought this was the one! Then one night he picked me up from a social night with friends. I got in the car and he turns to me and says “Do you think you should be going to nights out like these?” I felt and thought, as he drove me home.  I was not living with him, actually that was not even in the picture.

“What? I can do, be what I want and do!” I thought. That was the moment! So what happened?

We continued to date, I even moved in with him with my children. (Now this was not the first time).

This was not the first relationship. . .

What happened was, after time and after many occasions within three years and this man laid on top of me shouting and fear in my eyes began to abuse me.

Now many will say so why not leave, why did you leave and return?

Most people tell themselves, “The grass isn’t any greener,” believe they’re too old to find love again and imagine nightmarish online dating scenarios. Less so today, some cultures still stigmatize divorce.”

I did leave and what I share with women is the grass is so much greener and you can change your life, your relationship and for me my job..

This can happen for some with a job or a friendship.   Why do we put up with situations we basically do not like?

That is not love? You’re not happy? So many things going on in so many lives.

What I realised was that my happiness, my freedom started with me. Nobody can give me freedom, love and happiness. All of that is in me. So what can you do?  What did I do?

Let me use the example of a job, when you feel happy.  Happy with what is and you go for a job interview. Everything sounds great, brilliant prospects and you’re going every morning. You’re giving and loving your job then your boss starts asking you to be a way you’re not comfortable with.

Your intuition kicks in, gives you a feeling that nudges you!  

You don’t heed, you do nothing. Now you’re feeling uncomfortable, less happy.  You dot want to go to work.  You start taking time off.  You arrive to work late more.  Your boss still is more compromising and you don’t like it now.  You did before, now you don’t.  But you keep putting up with a situation day in and day out.  Until you become ill, maybe you leave.  However if you stay how long do you think your mind, body and spirit can put up with all of that.

Well that is being stuck.  There is no freedom there.

What I help people with and within our networks  is that you can be and have more happiness and a  feeling happy in what you love and do and that you don’t have to put up with behaviour from others is okay.  But what some people miss is they have to find the happiness and love in themselves. And when they go home they go straight back to situations where there is no love in the room, the house the job so it is hard.

It takes practice but you can do it. You can stay for the money, the house, and the children. But you have to stay because it is good.  If it’s not good. Get the Heck out!

When you think of you first the World is a beautiful place.

Millions of people remain in unhappy relationships that range from empty to abusive for many reasons; however, the feeling of suffocation or of having no choices stems from fear that’s often unconscious.”

I can if your reading this and in a situation, a crisis and know in your heart this is not what you want and want to leave but thinks also uhm it can change. Well in here to tell you he, she, they won’t change until you do. That means to walk, take the step.  What step? Join an organisation.  Get help. Make a list of what you want.

What I like to say is you have a choice and there is many reasons that getting or change may seem difficult.

What if I told you that your subconscious mind and beliefs have much to do with it?

When you choose YOU! Your freedom and your happiness is in YOU! Lady G

Independence or autonomy implies being an emotionally secure, separate, and free person. The lack of freedom not only makes being you difficult, also makes people more dependent upon another or something. And in that they the people feel trapped or “stuck” and pained with uncertainty.

So at some point they crave freedom and independence; and on the other hand, they want the security of a relationship – even a bad one.

Do you leave? The way out is not always the answer and depends on your own relationship.  For example I coached a lady married over 25 years and unhappy.  However what she realised was that she did not want to leave her husband although she was unhappy she realised her husband was not the reason for her unhappiness.  But her own wants and desires, her beliefs. She wanted him to change and that is a battle you cannot win. Well you may for a while, but that’s not unconditional love.

So you may not require leaving the relationship you see freedom is an inside job.

Find and change your care system and become more self-reliant and self-confident. Take responsibility for your happiness. Seek your passion, your purpose of your life.

If you like help with any questions that come up from feeling stuck send me an email.


Love you loads.



Lady G


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July 17, 2014 at 9:14pm

Many people that know Oswald Andrew and me will say that I am like my dad, stubborn they say. I don’t listen; dad didn’t listen. I look like dad too they say especially when I shaved my head last year. :) When I asked him few weeks ago while in hospital, joking he said “It’s ‘cos I know my mind”. Ask to say a few words to be true where do I start…

Cos you know when I talk I can be here till tomorrow night.

My memories with dad begin in my early years and is with my mum, Paulette, with my sister Zena and my brother Regi who came two years later after my sister. S many memories, therefore life for me growing up was very good. Of course as children we always thinks are better in another home however my early years I have no complaints. I  believe Gilbert Street for a while was our home plus a few more residences untill 37 Fairsnape Road become our home we lived at.


On Saturday our day was made by going to Chorley church, singing by the organ back in the day and singing in the church, then at the weekend, party at night at Ossie, waiting excitedly for the pound notes we be given from dad friends and family.… all though it did not last. I grew up and found my way.


Dad always took us with him when he could, waking us in the late hours of the night for a drive to the Kentucky shop in Blackpool or the one on the way to Blackburn. In his jaguar that pulled the table top down situated at the back of the passenger and driver’s seat we would feast on chicken and chips and a bottle of Cresta, “its frothy man”! Playing his tunnes likes of my boy lollipop :) wow what fun. . 

The early years was fun and parties at home later in Ribbleton playing in the street with friends still to this day are my friends. 

So stubbornly, in my mind, the first time I left home, it was because I wanted to be free. You see much that which was being displayed to me, I did not like how it was so I decided to leave home. Children are aware of so much and I believe that being true and honest to children is paramount.  Dogma and religion was a struggle and to me not right; I had to find my way and I am glad that I did it right. The church did not support me at all, actually I was classed as sinful and that being a future single mother in those days was not a desired future,.  However I always said my child expecting was a blessing and I still hold true to that to this day with all my children.  Dad would visit me at the  while i was there for 3 weeks and bring me Kentucky fried Chicken regularly while my friend Diane would bring me boxes of ice lollies.  

In those early days in seeking my freedom and life, I knew dad was there for me. Yet did not realise until much later that I had to find out for myself the meaning of my life. Instead of looking what he was doing, I focused on what I was doing realizing that everything has a meaning for my life and I think dad had that too. Many times, we battled with wills, and that is all I will say on that, until I stood my ground asked him to meet me and told him where I am and how I will live my life. He was a disciplinarian and many of my siblings have struggled with that but that was how it was. In the end he allowed me to be that to live my life promise Id be good. I left Preston knowing that all is well, no grudges and that I am to live life for me with his blessing.

Whenever I returned the first thing he say, "I hope your behaving yourself" till the day he passed"

Even when I had Ben, Dad would pass many a nights, just stop, beep his horn, and all my friends would laugh inside, knew dad was checking on me, as old as I was, and that little Ben was ok. He would say when I answered the door, “Are you ok, are you behaving yourself and who is in there?”, lol By the time I get to 51years of age I’d say, “dad I am 50 or 40” and he would laugh.

I left Preston not long after that, in 1991 I think. I remember trembling so… Called my dad for a one to one I had not done that before. He did listen to what I said. I remember he was not cold. I told him I am me and that his example for a man In some things I did not like he listened as I said I would not put up with certain things in my life.

Dad was not at my wedding in 2000 mum did the honours with uncle Syl and auntie Bridgee and I will think of him when it comes to me walking down the aisle with Phil in 2015. When returning from my times abroad or London, I would pass by and as he played the organ, he and Jean would fill me up with hardo bread, and bun and cheese. Many, many times with his tunes did I declare “dad give me that cd. I will copy and promise to return them some day.”


Even when I could not go, Angela would check on dad, her grandad all the time at Jalgos, but didn’t tell me when he give some money for her tea!

 That is what he said to me those days before he died. I asked what wisdom can he share with me and he dad said significance. . . Significance?


Now I know and always look at what is significant in moments that come and go I listen for that spirit and know that love is so.

I know my mind and know what I want is all he would say and that is how I remember him in an all so pleasing way. He did not like doctors, like me. He stood his ground just like me. He believed he is right, just like me until the end, like me.

Brave as he lay, he reminded me that all of are connected - brother, sister mum family and friends, and that for me is a reminder until the very end. End you hear me say, it only the beginning. When I hear those words pinky and perky, clip cloppety clop is she coming. Talking of Karine and me.

Six years ago I came to a road and asked what life would be if I had different parents than the ones given to me. My mum, oh gosh, so gentle, my dad so stern yet knew who he was. The truth was out in the open and I respect him for that. He showed how to dance with love, to embrace my brothers and sisters, and even though they may not know it, I will always have their backs - that is what a “big sister” is.

During my life i came to me meet my brothers and sisters ahhhh so alike with different aspects.. All from different backgrounds yet the relationshipps each has with dad is unique and I respect that. Andrew, Mark, Carl, Debbie, Pam and Karine all are beautiful beings that are blessed with wonderful wisdom taking their journey alongside me in knowing dad too.  We have similar stories to share and yet we came close in these last days and long may that continue.

Dont get me wrong it has not been easy, however knowing that all dad shared with me is to love one another and be good to each other is all I can do.

He always reminded me that I have to be good, behave and look after myself. Not bother about what others think, and to love life. It has taken me almost 50 years to get that.

Here what he said "Don't you insinuate that I can tolerate your diabolical standards when your theoretical complex is not as standard as mine". Wow 

Then there was "Due to uncontroleablecircumstances". . . . . . this was a standard letter to my teachers at school, so dad knew his mind. 

That is why I believe by how my dad lived it is to love, to forgive and be happy in all you do. The only thing is until those last days, when he said to “say thank you to the lady”, my mum. That maybe he realised too something I am not aware of, and what they have done.

Whilst in his hospital bed, all he wanted is to drive again, go to the Post office, place a bet at his local bookies and have a round of Kentucky fried chicken with his family and friends. He love his children each and everyone of us, I saw that. He loved his pals he came here with and met all those years ago.  He stayed in touch whether he visited the jalgos club and until it closed a few years ago the famous Caribbean Club.

The years have been oh so kind! I wish I had done some more, yet in the hindsight of what we had, I hope he was all I had for sure.

He is proud of his children like I am proud of mine. It does not matter what you do just know mum and dad your sound. That all his children love him dear. In a sense, it gone all the way round to dance with my father again…. His reggae tunnes gave him so much joy that I could not let them take that away. He always said G sort it when my eventful time will be and that is why he let our family grow oh sincerely. Tunnes of reggae, gospel too the Old rugged cross… Being close to that heavenly sound was way above our ground.

So Dad, its the 20th June 2014.

The day you passed. I did not get to say all that I wanted to say. What I wanted you to know, is that while you lived your life, all that you showed me, shared with me was for my benefit to learn and to grow, to experience and to love unconditionally even though others may not get it.

Dad spoke of many times his desire to be baptized and saddened that this had not happened. I told him to God knows his heart. He didn’t share why.  yet he continued when felt the desire to take a taxi and travel to his favourite church.

Through my life I have seen and I have done many things I know is unsaid “like smoking” lol However long ago I forgave you for being you I forgave me for being me.

I am sorry if you felt alone, I am sorry, you were not alone. You know that now.

Through you, I have learnt that Unconditional Love is not attached to, nor wanting too! Unconditional Love is neither here nor there!

It is a presence so sweet and breath-taking that no words can describe, in the calming that you feel, a sense in you, I realised it is for you and from you that flows to me, to others, to things without conditions laid on them.

Therefore Unconditional Love is no fighting, no demanding rights or wrongs, good and bad, Unconditional Love is not in the midst of that experience, but the fear, maybe anger, so many emotions, many of our beliefs. Unconditional Love is Oh Gosh, Unconditional Love by definition!

You showed me that by love, we create life and by love we are life giving our true knowing in life in love is God given. That too always take cake and to be aware yet always be true to you!

In time, you shared that the happiness in me is in creating in life and I am happy in knowing that I knew who you are so that I may know who I am. It is just that not all get it! Therefore, I say I love you,

When you have something to say and it cannot come out. Just remember tears are a lesson to show you who you are and who you are meant to be! By Lady G

I'd  like to ask a question. It’s a touchy subject for many however it is a topic that is playing very much in my experience.

In the last two years I will say each month I have been to a funeral. My father transitioned also in June this year. Now I hear many people ask around me, is there something else we should know?

Are we left behind witnessing something not yet understood? Seriously many are transitioning and in a surprising way. Not planned or expected it seems.
Any thoughts anyone?
Especially, the subject of death.
Is it because I am older and aware more?

A Woman's Journey BY Lady G"


All those that have offended me.
I forgive within and without, I forgive.
Those things, past and present things. I forgive.
Future. I forgive.
I forgive everything and everybody that can possibly need from the forgiveness of my past or my present.
I forgive positively everyone, they are free and I am free too.
All things are cleared up between us now and forever.

A Woman's Journey by Lady G

The Letter

A letter reminded me you was not here,
Still somethings had to be done.
I laughed and cried and did some work and
Realised again that all will be fun
By spirit, by words, vibrationally in tune
that you did speak in a way.
Pictures remind me, it is what it is.
Significance, it is not as it seems.
That you are present that I know for sure.
The universe has it all.
love is present much.
Many times I feel your touch,
Pictures likes like these remind me
To always laugh and be true to me.

By Lady G

This is my Dad Oswald Andrew (Andy or Ossie even Punk as he was called by many) 

This book will be my legacy to my life and in remembrance of my dad.  Top mechanic, if my car broke down he was there to call on.

I Loved to be in his car!!! Think of you every day <3

Dad I love you xxxx

I am seeking to publish my book this year 2016 and while I continue on  this amazing  journey/adventure I write and in draft form here some of my stories of a woman's journey. While many women I admire and look upto. They have all one element in common. They are true to who they are. 

Yes! True!

I see and know many women who want to bethe real "lets call them all Susan"! Yes Susan at home still wishes she did the art course at school. Or went in the army and not settled for the housewife. And for many women talking as they mature wish they stayed true to who the were and wanted to be. 

Many of us women tend to struggle with this aspect of our lives. Men not. A new insight there! uhmm another chapter lol. 

ok, as a woman; as mothers or a professional in many areas being true to ourself can feel like a sacrifice and there is  where guilt comes in and for many women they give up on their self and their dreams. By Lady G 

The power to inquire is the source of every human beings growth, spiritually and personally and this we find within.

By Lady G.

You have the "Power to Question" and you have the Power in YOU to change your life. Remember the answer is in the asking and the POWER is in you! HAPPINESS is your Power!

By Lady G

I have been reading for a little while this new book by Oprah Winfrey, "What I know for Sure" and what I know is that I have awesome friends that are the other part of me that lights up in me what I want and what I do not want. I love everyone of them and I am grateful that you have visited my life in some awesome unique way! A Woman's Journey

BY Lady G"

I use to say "choices and decisions we make there are consequences", now I say "choices and decisions we make there are outcomes". I now know what that means. Its about how I think, how i feel and what I want the outcome to be. And at most it is to be HAPPY! A Woman's Journey BY Lady G"

What is it about you and me that others cannot see, Dad?
What is it about you and me I came first and I am not a man!
What is it about you and me dad, a future woman of course?
What is it about you and me I know the other side, dad.
What is it about you and me? I was the first to hold your hand.
What is it about you and me, you learnt that you’re a man.. . .(To be continued) - By Lady G

However, you have to stay in love with you first, be happy in you first! That is the process Reach for your higher self first then the love transcends out. Hate cannot dwell where there is love. Period. . .

By Lady G

My dad and my brother, uncles and cousins stood for and as men that was influencing my life... However, they did not influence me that much because the men I later met were similar, yet diverse:) Always reminded me of that quote; "choices and decisions we make there is a consequence". I choose what I want to occur and experience even though I am not always aware of the outcome.

By Lady G

A Woman's Journey By Lady G . . . 

A daily journalling  of her first book, not yet published.             .

Her love, sorrow & relationship in finding herself. Mind, Body and Spiritually New!

A gregarious women. who loves people and loves to sing and dance in the universe of Life.

A mother, a daughter and grandmother, auntie. I am all these. I want to let all women know of the journey we are making and taking. As a woman I like many have and will make mistakes and by these I learn and grow.

This story is a legacy to my daughter, my nieces and sisters, my granddaughter that that they are free, independent, and a spirit that can be who they are in their lives. To live and be happy with who you are.

When I look back at my life and Hayes. There are many comparisons. Yet she like me has a journey to make.

This story is how discovering what is my life purpose and sharing the meaning of life with others .

Her love for people, relationships with women and men all over the world, her family and career.

How she developed the tools to counsel her self and others to change her life the better.

It is my story, Lady G

Today was an eventful day I took my time. I start the lessons that resonate with me to wake in the morning wanting the best to feel good. Phil probably thinks I am lazy yet I still take it easy.
The children go to school and I contemplate my day. I am researching areas on line at home I am on top of the bed with him and as we cuddle looking at site on line he brings me cups of tea a sandwich later that day. We have fun laughing at the possibilities of our future.
Later that afternoon he went to the local shop for two bottles of wine, tobacco and sweets for the children. By the time Angela and Alex return dinner is being made and we can sit eat all together.
My eldest son is still with me since returning from holidaying in Italy and hopefully returning to his flat soon.
Thought for the day as I gloss over the screen of my laptop it says in my emails “You are able to love others, to give to others and do for others by giving and doing for yourself first”. By Dr Wayne Dyer

Icame to realise that what is important is to be who I am. You will cometo realise that too.

Beautiful, amazing a unique and dynamic person yet spiritual being. Only you. The one of you.

Happy. joyous. Wonderful and yet anger or jealousy is an emotion we try to deny. It does not exist in us. We push it away. We try and cover it up.

Yet all this emotions are true to who we are and they have to be placed somewhere.

Accepting ourselves as beautiful beings and that in all of this in life we are to have fun aligned with who we truly are. beautiful beings of love joy and peace.


By LaDy G xx

I have had some challenging times in my life.

I wanted to write a book for women and a journey that has brought me to where I am today. Not the same person by a long chalk. Yet I have found tremendous change in all that has been given to me.

Everything, every person I have had the pleasure to meet, talk to. Work with. Have a relationship with. My parents, my siblings, relations, friends and extended family I am sure there are some I have missed out. They all gave me something and in that I became me.

I am like many people wanting to know my purpose. I didn’t think it was important however in nineteen ninety-eight I think it came to me back then. By A Woman's Journey by LadyG

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