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WoW Women of Change Network

As a "heart centred network we all support, help, inspire and lead you to your own self empowerment, feeling more confident, less stressed and more happier with you. 

Are you FED UP of FEELING unloved, rejected,  no understanding, spiritually drained, overdosed on trying! DIS-EMPOWERED?  Do you feel like screaming? Have you an idea and don't know what to do? Maybe you like to know why you feel or think this way? Menopause? Children left home? Parents don't get you? Started a business? In business?

Are you at a crossroad? Don't know where, or which way to go or how you are going to get there?

Would you LIKE TO FINALLY,  let go of the stress, the worry that plagues you and step into who you TRULY are?  


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We go live end of July 2018.

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We will be blasting off with a online event around the world at the end of June. With Live speaker who share their tools and techniques with you.

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About WOW Women of Change Network

Since 2014 WoW women have been meeting in various locations in Preston, Burnley, Blackpool (Lancashire) United Kingdom online and offline.

What is WoW Women of change about. . .  inspiring, empowering, sharing, connecting, referring, educating, loving  and supporting all Women Regardless.

A place for all women to come together and meetlike minded women, positive and uplifting, 

Safely and in a soloution based environment, that means we focus on solving problems while offering  tools, techniques and resources that assist you in reveloutionary ways to help you on your lifes journey. #we do this online and offline!

We can bring WoW anywhere, wherever you are!  

Our vision is to help, support  by 2020 , 1 MILLION  WOMEN  and our message

"You can change your life,  be tuned in, tapped in and turned on to who want to be."


Why do the women come?  


Women come for many reasons.  To learn, to grow, to meet new friends.

Our Next Event...

Our next WoW event is in June 2018 in Preston.

If you like attend or join our network, send us an email and will keep you informed.

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