Step Into Your Power ~ 2018 Class

Your Invitation to Sign up to our Exclusive Introductory class to Step into Your Power in 2018

Step into your Power ~2018 is where I Glenda Andrew aka Lady G reveal to you  some of my TIPS on how to find your life purpose, how to feel better so that when you wake each morning you dont feel like its the same drag of a day.

As 2018 begins you may have made those dreaded new years resoloutions of hope and like many people within weeks are lost!

With these classes you will dramatically see the changes happen in your life. All I/we ask is you commit to 31 days , then 16 weeks and then the rest of the year and see what happens to you, for you!

You'll begin to feel lighter, your life has more meaning and you can laugh and see things in a beautiful way!

 Simply put: YOU FEEL GOOD! 

So sign up NOW!!! Begin your journey with me ~ Lady G aka Glenda Andrew 

Some of the topics below are what we will be covering over the coming months:

  1. How I changed my Life and you can too! Law of Attraction & more.
  2. How to have an amazing year without worry, lose the weight, stop smoking and plus more!
  3. Find out who you are, what do you want?
  4. Why are you here, where are you going?
  5. What is your purpose? 
  6. How to let go of your sadness and grief.
  7. Let go of those limiting beliefs.
  8. The best Methods to use in healing your Life.
  9. How to talk and listen. Fast communication skills for your relationships. I.e. pets or children.
  10. The meaning of Life and Death?
  11. How to feel happier with yourself.
  12.  How to be authentic and tell your story and publish your book.

. . . . . these and more topics I will be focused on helping you in the coming year.


Is it something you may be interested in?

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You are invited to our first EXCLUSIVE Step into your Power ~2018 

11th, February 2018 at 4pm

at my home. (details on signup/subscription)

(Refreshments included). .

Then we will meet fortnightly with great talks, techniques and excercises with fun tips for you to do each week and start to turn your life around. 

We ask ONLY that you commit to your agreement to feel better, feel good by filling out the subscription form below. 

You will also be required to purchase my book Power to Question by myself, Lady G & MagicalMirror. You can purchase this from any book store or on Amazon.

We will provide information and signpost you to other products, services  so that you will gain more benefits from our classes too.  

I look forward to seeing you and wishing you all you desire for 2018. <3

Lady G 


Step into Your Power ~ 2018 "Your time to shine your light!"

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