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Lady G Life has been on a mission, on a purpose for almost ten years now, besides creating WoW ‘Women of Change’ Networks almost 2 years ago they have grown from strength to strength. However, there is always something challenging arising to teach us something. Especially - Money!

Back then WoW Women of Changed was called PSG (Personal and Spiritual Growth) and then it was just a couple of women meeting in someone’s home, then in the local Jalgos community centre.

Glenda, founder of WoW, realised many of the community services was drying up and was inspired by the fact that the women in the community, friends and people she knew all had something. They many of them don’t know, she didn’t know what but they all have a gift/s, the tool/s the experience to give to share their story. To empower and inspire another.

Especially our young people, our young girls. Glenda's own daughter asked many times where can we go or what can we do mum? These questions came up in many situations from relationships to politics.

Since then we have grown to over 4000 following. Almost 30 members. We like to go further and be a leading network for women with your help. Our vision in 2020 is a million women worldwide.

We are for all women regardless of colour, race, single or not single. Unemployed or employed. In business or not in business. Spiritual or not spiritual. We do not look at who you are, we are wanting to know how you feel, and we feel!


Glenda Andrew, owner of Lady G Life Enterprises after finding herself homeless and in a refuge for women in her fifties who was in adverse relationships and faced some challenges. Was ready to give up on life.

In one weekend decided that her life must change and decided in that moment after praying to God, the Angels (to change her life, find a meaning a purpose or she would not want to live any more) that to give back to others and share with people a powerful message of love and healing from what she learned from that day and every day since then.  

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