Feedback & Comments

    As a Speaker, Writer, motivator, she encourages and inspires people that they also can be happy and change their life in becoming what they want or desire.  D Snow


    She's the best and she speaks from her experiences.  'Survey questionnaire'


    I wish there were workshops near here, bundle package of specific related services is great too.


    If I needed it I would I'm good @ the moment. if you need a coach, therapy see her. (No name)


    Affordability, there is need for what she and her business can offer. And she is new and unique and her services is good. J Manson


    Inspirational. C Peters


    Reasonable pricing and availability for desired time/day.  'Survey questionnaire'


    Her excellent reputation. She is very authentic, she knows who she really is!


    Glenda is a very inspirational lady. She has always been nice to me.  Glenda is authentic, she has a very positive outlook with a strong caring nature. This combination enables her to help you find your own power, to create a life that truly reflects your own values. D Mansion


    High integrity, wisdom, keen insight, positive attitude.  Encouraging & positive and Very inspirational.


    Love your outlook to life. Your service and products made me a better person. J B


    A great motivator.  Clear understanding and belief . Mr Daniels


    Glenda is very enthusiastic and always acts in a professional manner, positivity.  'Survey questionnaire'