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Hello & Welcome

 Lady G Life,  Inspires and leads people to their own personal and spiritual empowerment. 

My name is Glenda Andrew and I am the founder of Lady G Life and I love to help people find their power, their essence within them, so that they fulfill or live their dream.

Allowing them to align with their true selfs and connecting with like minded people here in the UK and around the world.

We specialise in creating workshops and seminars to suit your particular needs or requirements.  To support and assist you personally and spiritually . Online or offline, in a group or one to one sessions if preferred. 

Briefly. here are some of  the topics we cover and requested for:

  • Discovering your life purpose. 
  • Who Am I, who are you?
  • How can I make more money?
  • Setting goals and creating your vision? 
  • Why do things happen to you, especially what you don't want?
  • How can you change your life?
  • How to let go and release stress.
  • I am Lonely, what can I do?
  • Rehabilitation for my mind body and spirit!
  • What is this Law of Attraction?
  • What is all this spiritual stuff about?
  • How can I Step into My Power in 2018?

We help in many other ways to answer those life questions, millions of us ask each and every day. 

You see sometimes we feel that life is not going to change. We feel stuck, paralized sometimes suicidal. And until we look at ourselves and  we go within nothing will change. "But", you say "Go Within?" 

Yes, that question? How, Go within? What does all that mean? We help you understand. We support you!

We have found speaking to thousands of people, that they knew life was challenging in many ways. Yet they didn't know what to do or how to go about it until they heard about Lady G Life and spoke to the founder Glenda Andrew aka Lady G. What she did was to assist, help and support them with her network and change their life.

 At one of their workshops, you can learn  the tools, the processes or the solutions to problems in your life. Coping mechanisms. NOT QUICK FIXES. Real SOLUTIONS.  for example "letting go of limiting beliefs."  (these limiting beliefs for example about money can hold people back from the abundance),

Or a one to one session with  with Glenda who is awesome in calming your nerves! Or relax your mind when feeling, nervous or anxious!  

Does that sound like something for you?

Lady G Life,  is a place where the help is here if you like to connect with like minded people through  classes, workshops, our seminars, our friendship meetings, book clubs, social nights out, dance classes and so much more to provide fun, knowledge, information, signposts with love  and happiness so that we can help you grow or evolve into the beautiful spiritual human beings you truly are.    

Would you like to know more?


ask for Glenda Andrew 

or send  an email, you will be glad you did!


You don't have to do or be alone!!! 

Lady G Life "connects, inspires,  leading you to happy living”  

 In memory of Oswald Andrew RIP 1938 - 2014

"Be who YOU are, a significance of LIFE, because who WE are is OUR journey!" Lady G