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 Hi & Welcome to Lady G Life & Co.

Personal & Spiritual Growth HUB

Over the years we wanted to assure people what Lady G Life & Co is to help people be who they are.

  • Discovering their life purpose. 
  • Who are they?
  • Why do things happen to them they don't like?
  • Why has life given them what it did?
  • How can they change their life?
  • Step into your power in 2018 

We help in many ways to answer those life questions millions of us each and every day.

We believe in Lady G Life & Co it is about letting go of that belief system, for example, "we had to fit in"  that holds people back into a false sense of security.

We believe that we are all a Spiritual Beings living in a  physical body having a human experience.

So, what can we do for you?

Whether you a man or woman, are you asking questions. Are you searching for love? Are you searching for something?  Life is challenging and you have questions. 

As an idea Glenda Andrew Founder, created  Lady G Life & Co which  provides people with the  life coaches,  spiritual teachers, therapists, healers, workshops  and seminars to help them discover who they are, allowing them to seek or live their life purpose and do, be much more. Coaching, Counselling & Healing! 

 Founding also the WoW Women of Change Network are unique group of women that meet regular and offers each other holistic therapy and healing.  Whether you require support, or someone to talk to, or sit with. A helping hand or some guidance, education or just to know your not alone we are here to help you on your journey.  Who we are is so that you know more of who you/they are.   

Lady G says " briefly  I want to show people that they are more than this body, that its about  letting go, that your not alone those who like me she says 7 years ago who is visiting our page like this. Because we know who you trully are! 

Again, you are not just the body? You are more than a man or woman, father, mother, Doctor or cleaner,  you are more than this!" And one of the main reasons for sickness disease and ailments like stress is we dont know who we are or people just dont get us, YOU!

Or  "You want to know more about the Law of Attraction, seen the movie the Secret. join our networks you have come to the right place."

We are glad you came to Lady G Life . . . . Bless you!

You see, if you are like me or how I used to be. You feel alone, no one gets you and you are fed up of being someone elses idea of you. 

Your not being YOU! 

You don't know who you are and where did you go all those years ago? You want to live, but dont know how to? 

You ask questions in your mind like, "Why does my life SUCK?" and "what can you/I  do about it?" 

I came to realise after years of trying to figure it out that I am not my parents, my community or my friends I am me and wanted to change my life however in that I had to find out who I am, why am I here and what is my purpose? 

Does that sound like you?

Lady G Life is a place where we help you connect with like minded people through classes, workshops, seminars, friendship meetings, book clubs, social nights out and so much more to provide fun, knowledge and happiness so that we can grow or evolve into the beautiful human beings.

Utilising many techniques like the Sedona Method, the law of attraction and my own blending of modalities I call PAST Therapy I can help you too.

 "You are not alone and you are more than this body. You are a spiritual human being, creating and living your life the best you can." 

" So why does my life sometimes not feel good?" You say.

Well we all have questions like this and seek answers!

"How is  things with you?" 

"Does it seem to be going no where and you feel your all alone?"


Well, now you can do something about it! 

Lady G Life can show you how! 

Lady G Life  empowers, inspires and helps people to feel good and live their Life ON PURPOSE, personally and spiritually.

How would you like to wake up in the mornings and feel good? 

Would you like to say, YES!

Change your Life and be the best version of you? 

Find out who you are? . . . 

Make an appointment t find out more 


ask for Glenda Andrew 

or send  an email, you will be glad you did!


Don't be alone!!! 


Did you know that the most common reason for bad choices is   "We do not listen to our  gut, the little voice. Yes our intuition?"

Do you know that research shows listening to your GUT , your INTUITION can improve your decision making and change your life?

Like to know more and tune into who you are and why you do things?


Lady G Life "connects, inspires,  empowers & leads you to a greater living”  

 In memory of my dad, Oswald Andrew RIP 1938 - 2014

"Be who YOU are, a significance of LIFE, because who WE are is OUR journey!" Lady G